Low Documentation

If you are having trouble getting together your financial statements from your accountant there are many lending options available for business owners who have been operating for as little as 6 months. Low Documentation loans focus on what is really happening in your bank accounts and we can often show that there is enough income to make the repayments on the loan by looking at your statements. Our job as mortgage advisers is to understand your business well enough to put a strong case to the lender and negotiate for the cheapest funding to achieve your goals. We offer solutions for your first home, investment properties, or we can look to fund investment into further funding for a new business initiative.

A lot of our clients have seasonal business or due to the nature of the business, have low personal expenses that are picked up by your business expenses. You might be in growth mode and investing back into the business so profit isn't shown on your financial statement yet - but there is lots of income coming in.

Low documentation loans offer

  1. A flexible application process
  2. Application’s without using your financial
  3. A simplified application
  4. Competitive interest rates


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