Why Would You Work With A Local Buyers Agent?

Why Would You Work With A Local Buyers Agent?

The home buying world is an overload of information and often buyers get confused, fed-up or make rash decisions. The biggest tragedy would be for you to get to this point and walk away.

A big advantage in this competitive market is that buyers agents are across all new and upcoming listings. That means if a house is coming to market and it meets what you are looking for the agent can get you the inside scoop to get prepared. Its an opportunity to view the home before word gets out and the swarm of buyers arrives. You are able to arrange private viewing at a time that suits you.

Firstly lets talk about what a buyers agent actually is. They are Real Estate Agents that work for you the buyer, not the property seller, so they have your best interests in mind and offer you unbiased advice. They will find you the right property at the right price.

Typically they would find properties that match most of your list of wants and needs. They will help you with negotiating a price based on their industry knowledge and again will be looking out for you. They can help you with putting the contract together and understanding the conditions in the contract.

They can help guide you through the process of purchasing a home, the biggest thing they do is save you TIME, hours and hours of trudging to open homes with a line of attendees. You can deal with that one agent for all the properties so you are not having to deal with multiple people and get even more confused.

And don’t forget the current conundrum of the multi-buyer situation. With the house listings sitting a little thin the market is more competitive than ever, the more help you can get the better off you will be.

What do they cost?

They work in the same was as if you are selling a house and they will be paid a commission on the successful purchase of the property so you are not having to pay them a direct fee.

What do you need to do?

Real Estate Agents are just as busy as the rest of us so the best thing to do is have your finance as ready as you can before approaching an agent. Narrow down your list of where, and what you are looking for so you are not wasting your time or the agents, time is precious for us all.

How do you find a buyers agent?

As luck would have it we are talking to these agents most days and we can refer you to one of them, you can also ask friends or family who they recommend.

As I always say, “work smarter not harder”

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Why Would You Work With A Local Buyers Agent?

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