Visualizing your way to your goals.

Achieving your goals of health, fitness and personal fulfillment can be difficult--which is why most self-improvement programs fail. But here's an easy, proven way to help you achieve success. Known as imagery, visualization, or mental preparation, it's a technique that star athletes use to create the desired outcome in their mind before they attempt the actual activity.

Here's how it works:

* Take deep breaths to relax before you begin.

* Use as many senses as possible. Imagine the park where you want to jog, the sound of your steps, the scent of the air, the breeze against your skin.

* Stay positive. Imagine succeeding in your goal instead of failing.

* Visualize every step. If your goal is to eat better, see yourself at the natural food market, hear yourself getting advice from one of their nutrition experts, make your selections, smell the aromas as you prepare a meal, taste the wonderful flavours, feel yourself getting stronger and healthier.

* Practice often. Find a place with no distractions and run through the entire visualization at least once a day.

* Then, once you're absolutely comfortable with each step and absolutely confident you can achieve your goal, turn your visualization into reality!

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