Top 5 Ways to Become Wealthy

Almost everyone wants to become rich, but most of us never do. Maybe it's because our impression of how to become wealthy doesn't bear much resemblance to reality. Here's what actually works - and what doesn't work.

* Invent something, write a best seller, become a movie star, etc. Unfortunately, the media gives us the impression that this is the way to get rich. But actually, only 1% of self-made millionaires were inventors, stock market speculators, authors, singers, actors or lottery winners.

* Become a salesperson. 5% of self-made millionaires are experts at selling. Most never went to college, but they became very good at selling a product, were paid well for doing it, and managed their money wisely.

* Become a professional. 10% of self-made millionaires are doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, engineers, and others with advanced degrees who can charge high fees for their services.

* Work your way up. Start young, work hard, earn promotions, get paid well, qualify for stock options and bonuses, and if you manage your money wisely, you'll be like the 10% of millionaires who worked their way to the top.

* Become an entrepreneur. For the past two centuries, almost 75% of self-made millionaires started with an idea for a product or service, turned it into a business, built it up from the ground floor, and ultimately became rich!

So, how about you? Which of these five pathways to wealth do you resonate the most with?

Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist you on that path.

More helpful tips to improve your health, wealth and happiness, coming soon...

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