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Regardless of how much you may have enjoyed school as a kid, chances are you were happy to leave the books behind when you finally graduated. However, recent scientific research indicates that it's a mistake to stop learning. Keeping our brains constantly engaged can prevent mental and physical deterioration, promote greater happiness, improve our relationships and help us achieve new goals. That's why so many people are becoming lifelong learners - it's like a health club for your brain!

Lifelong learning can be as structured or unstructured as you like. It can include reading self-improvement books, taking courses, doing educational travel, volunteering for community service, taking up a new exercise or working on your spiritual development.

One of the secrets of lifelong learning is choosing to work harder on yourself than you do on your job or other similar activity. Rather than asking yourself, "What am I getting out of this job?", ask yourself, "What am I becoming from doing this work?" The person you become has a huge impact on what you get out of life. Most of what you have today came as a result of the person you became. Making that person the best you can be takes continuous learning and constantly seeking out new experiences.

Lifelong learning and self-development helps prepare you to serve others and be more valuable to your friends, family, business associates, customers and community. The more you develop yourself, the more attractive you become to others - both personally and professionally - so you begin to attract new opportunities. Soon your reputation begins to precede you and people want to be around you and do business with you. All it takes is always being on the lookout for new ways to learn, grow and improve.

More helpful tips to improve your health, wealth and happiness, coming soon...

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