How to choose the right financial planner

To ensure your long-term financial security, it's essential to develop an effective financial plan, retirement strategy and investment portfolio. Since most people don't have the skills required to do this, here's how to choose a qualified financial planner:

* Decide on some general financial goals and specific needs (insurance, estate planning, investments, etc.).

* Do a little research in magazines and on the web so you're familiar with financial planning strategies and terminology.

* Choose someone with a professional designation, such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Authorised Financial adviser (AFA) This ensures they've met high standards and abide by a code of ethics. Interview more than one, see if they have experience with clients like you, and look for a comfortable fit.

* Call their professional association to check on their record.

* Ask for references.

* Find out how they're paid and any affiliations or conflicts of interest they might have.

* Request a written contract documenting scope of services and compensation.

* Review your relationship on a regular basis, making sure they understand your needs as they evolve over time.

Nest Home Loans has an in-house financial planner who fulfills all of the above criteria, call me today at 0800 337 426. I'll even arrange for you to receive an in-depth Financial Planning Consultation at NO COST to you!

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