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Some lenders suggest increasing payment frequency from monthly to bi-weekly to help pay off your mortgage faster. But as your local mortgage expert, I have a better suggestion. While paying more often may save you a little money over the life of a 35 year mortgage, it usually only saves you pennies during the first 5 year term!

What I recommend instead is accelerated bi-weekly payments. Like bi-weekly, you're making 26 payments per year. But with accelerated bi-weekly, you increase the amount of your bi-weekly payments to the same amount they'd be if you were paying semi-monthly. The extra cost per month is minimal, but the savings are HUGE!

For example, based on a $300,000 mortgage at 4.99% with a 35 year amortization, the accelerated bi-weekly payment option would save you $8,624.17 after the first 5 year term.

I'd be happy to work out how much you can save and show you how to save even MORE by making lump sum payments! For more info give me a call today at 0800 337 426.

Your trusted mortgage advisor,

Jeff Kerwin


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