6 ways to turn a financial crisis into your best opportunity.

If money's a bit tight right now, here's how you can empower yourself to create a breakthrough...

1. As Barack Obama says, take personal responsibility. While external forces may have made things worse, face the fact that the solution is now in your hands.

2. You won't rebound until you hit bottom. Rather than constantly asking for financial help, realize that seeking "band-aid" solutions just delays the inevitable. Only when you hit bottom will you become motivated and resourceful enough to prevent it from happening again.

3. Some risks are worth taking. Once you hit bottom, you don't have much to lose. That's a good time to take a calculated risk. Consider starting a small business in your spare time to generate additional income. Start with one, then add another if it succeeds. If it doesn't succeed, try another business.

4. Have the discipline to work hard and make sacrifices. There's no instant answer or special secret. Most financially successful people worked long hours and took all the required steps.

5. Adjust your attitude. Take a close look at the way you feel about money and success. If your thinking is different from people who are in a better financial situation, adopt their views.

6. Take advice from people who are following their own advice. Find mentors who are already creating the kind of financial freedom you dream of.

More helpful tips to improve your health, wealth and happiness, coming soon...

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