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#1 Millionaire Maker in the World?


Trivia question for you...

What form of investing has created more millionaires than all the others?

Answer: Real Estate Investing!

Yes, investing in real estate is the proven way to become a millionaire. Countless others have done it and you can too. All it takes is a plan, some dedication and the patience to see it through.

Here are some tips:

* Start by owning your own home, so you can build up equity and establish a credit record. Begin small: even a condo apartment will start you off in the right direction.

* Once you've spent a couple of years making payments and watching your property appreciate, take out enough equity to make a down payment on a revenue property.

* Again, start small. Make a 10-20% down payment and rely on the bank for the rest. Ideally, find a property that generates a high enough rent to cover your mortgage payments. After a few years, sell the property at a profit.

* Use these funds to buy a more substantial property with two or three rental suites. As it generates income, set aside some money for a down payment on an additional property.

* Gradually build your pool of revenue properties and before long, you'll be earning enough income - above and beyond mortgage payments, maintenance costs, property tax, etc. - to comfortably live on. Plus, you'll also have a substantial asset pool that appreciates every year.

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