Tineka Kavanagh

Head of Training - Mortgage Adviser

Phone: 0276504964
Email: [email protected]
FSPR: #FSP615589
I remember very clearly the emotions I felt when I purchased my first home. I was so excited, yet terrified at the same time. That house was a small and simple house in South Auckland. It wasn’t flash, certainly wasn’t my dream house but it was mine. Buying my first home was challenging financially but it was also challenging trying to navigate my way through the purchasing process with real estate agents, lawyers and banks. I was so proud the day that I moved in but looking back I wished that I had had someone to help me through the journey.

Helping first home buyers get into their first homes is part of what I really enjoy in my role as a mortgage adviser with Nest Home Loans.

All of my previous jobs have involved working with people which I really enjoy. I have worked as a police officer, as an immigration officer (helping people through the process of obtaining New Zealand residency) and as a personal banker processing mortgages in a bank.

I am very much a details person. I pride myself on my ability to help people understand complex processes, how legislation or rules apply to their circumstances and what pathways may be available for them.

I enjoy talking with people, getting to know their stories and travelling with them, on their journeys, to reach their goals.

When I am not at work, I like spending time with my husband and our two children Ben aged 11 and Hayley aged 9. I also enjoy going to the gym, watching far too much television, drinking wine, photography and sewing.

I look forward to working with you!

Fun Facts

  • My favourite party trick is to leave at 9pm
  • My biggest hero is my mum
  • My proudest accomplishment is completing an Iron Man competition


  • Helping a young investor get his second rental property!
  • Do you have bad credit?
  • Who do you deal with?
  • Non bank credit 2



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