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Phone: 0800 337 426
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Jeff and I started Nest Home Loans in 2014 to help families through the complicated process of becoming a homeowner. We work with clients from dealing with difficult lending situations, first home buyers, clients looking to paying down their debts, to developers.

I grew up on the North Shore in Auckland and have lived in the Waikato with my two children for the past decade. After studying Economics at Auckland University I took up roles helping small businesses growing in larger ones by focusing on good customer service. We have helped hundreds of clients into homes and the fantastic reviews from clients who who feel we have made a difference in their lives is what keeps us going.

If you would like to make a plan for an upcoming purchase you are thinking of, or have a complicated finance situation you would like to talk through please feel free to make contact.

If you are looking to be a mortgage adviser one day I would also like to hear from you!

There is no place like home!

Jeff Kerwin


Phone: 0800 337 426
Mobile: 021 134 4437
Email: [email protected]

I started my career as a mortgage adviser in 2012 part time mortgage advising while still in the police. My mortgage advising business grew very quickly to a point where I decided to resign from the police and I stopped property trading to become a mortgage adviser.

A couple of years later I started Nest Home Loans with Richy, and never looked back! Richard and I spent countless hours on systematizing and designing Nest to be the absolute leader in the industry.

In 2017, I received the prestigious award of being the number 6 broker in the country. Not a bad result with the high achieving brokers around me were seasoned veterans, and there I was….a 3 year rookie! If you were to ask “how could Jeff play ball with the big boys” I’d say it was due to the hard work Richy and I put into our unique Nest systems which guarantees the highest level of service, and that’s what our clients want.

Since then a number of top advisers have joined the Nest Home Loans Whanau, and they too have been helping thousands of Kiwis into homes.

What gets me out of bed each day (other than the alarm clock), is hearing all the struggles some of our clients have been through, and when they come to Nest they finally get their dream home. I love reading the testimonials that my team gets on Google, Trade Me and Facebook.

About Nest

Nest Capital is an initiative of Nest Home Loans designed to help developer and those needing commercial funding. Our highly skilled mortgage advisers can give professional advice at an early stage of your project is crucial to getting it off the ground.

We look forward to discussing your funding requirements further.

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